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Who said working out has to be boring?

We provide fitness classes for all levels and abilities


Come join us in Eton Wick, or Log on and follow our instructor lead home workouts!


So if you’re in Eton Wick or further afield we’ve got the session for you

What We Do...

Indoor Fitness Classes

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Home Workouts

Indoor fitness Classes in Eton Wick
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What we do
We run fun, engaging fitness classes for all levels of ability. Whether this is your first ever fitness class, or you're leaving the boring confinds of the local gym, then we have a class for you. We work on improving your cardio, building your strength and boosting your endurance whilst always promoting a healthy lifestyle.

10 Day Trial

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Invite a Friend

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Work hard

Attend as many sessions as you can, 4 per week on offer

Get Results

Now it's your time to push on!

Apply to the 10 Day FREE Trial

You'll get a 10 day period to come try our classes out in person, so come give us a test drive and start your journey today.

Just some fun we've been having recently

Indoor Circuits
All Year Round
Year Round Classes
With outdoor sessions in the summer
Meals Out
Summer Picnic / Xmas Dinner
More Fitness Fun
Feeling Competitive?
Boxing Sessions
Every Wednesday
Our Events
Engagements, Weddings & Fun Runs
Fitness Games
Come play Bootcamp Monopoly
Seasonal Workouts
Easter, Halloween, Christmas
Our Other Services
On the run or rather  workout at home?
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Then we've got you covered!
We've created a 60 day training program where you will get an email every single day. You'll get a 20 minute workout emailed directly to your inbox Monday to Friday and then nutritional and goal setting support over the weekends. We will help you track your progress with monthly fitness tests. The sessions get progressively more challenging yet manageable as they're only 20 minutes in length. Perfect for those on the go, or who have a small window each day.
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Tried & Tested Programs

We’ve been helping people get results since 2012! We’re getting pretty damn good at it!

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Track Your Fitness

Jump online and take our monthly fitness test in the comfort of your own home! With our easy to follow videos

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Over the next 30 days youll learn how to become a clean eating machine! Bitesize tips emailed to you daily

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Support Around the Clock

We have a group chat app where we can show our support to each other 24/7 – Plus plenty of Banter

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Varied Sessions Year Round

Wether the session is Boxing Focused, Cardio, Strenght & Conditioning you’ll feel the benefits right away!

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Days out!

We organise fun runs, Cinema Visits and meals out! The Summer Picnic and Xmas meal are particular highlights

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Don't just take our word for it. 

Here is what our clients have to say

Although excercise doesn't come naturally to me, I am really pleased with the results & I like the variety of the classes & it definitely helps motivation to attend together with Martin.
Julia & Martin
Members Since 2013
The fact every session is always different, ensuring it's never boring! Everyone is so so nice I feel like I'm doing a proper workout and I'm seeing results. I have managed to complete exercises and sessions I never thought I was capable of doing.
Dean & Kelly
Member Since 2016
I've surprised myself that I can actually do it! That's given me a bit of confidence to know I can get fit if I keep at it. Even if you think you can' will surprise yourself. Just try it!
Members Since 2018
Local, friendly & good value for money. My level of fitness and endurance levels have increased and this helps me to eat healthier as well
Lee / Duncan / Angela
Members Since 2018 / 2017
Good I enjoy the banter! I love the fact you change the session every time! I feel a lot better about myself so thanks sam. I like wearing clothes that I would never have worn before!! Massive fitness improvements.
Claire & Marcel
Members Since 2013
Variety is really good. I'm slower than others so time based exercises work well for me. Now i'm at my target weight. Better core strength. Gradual increase in flexibility.
Andrew & Val
Members Since 2013
I'm happy with my experience so far. The atmosphere is great, the trainings are fun, people are friendly.
Paddy & Leena
Members Since 2017 / 2018
Had never exercised until I was in my thirties when I started BWA. I've achieved a fitness level I never thought I would and the confidence to exercise in front of people that I never ever had.
Member Since 2012

Apply to the 10 Day FREE Trial

You'll get a 10 day period to come try our classes out in person, so come give us a test drive and start your journey today.

Group Exercise - Eton Wick

With our 10 day trial you'll have more than enough time to test our sessions out and see if it's a great fit for you and your routines. You'll even become part of the family, so book in today for a ten day trial and put us through our paces.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Learn more about our clean eating email series that's going to give you a new bite size challenge each day to help you along your way to becoming a clean eating fat burning machine.

Home Workouts - 90 Day Camp

Discover what makes our online classes so popular, and how you can transform your fitness in our 3 month program. Designed for those with a small amount of time each day to workout.

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