The Eiffel Tower Fitness Challenge

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Eiffel Tower Fitness Challenge Today’s Fitness challenge – On my wedding Anniversary (last weekend) I went to Paris and had a romantic weekend away – all lovely jubley! But when we got to the Eiffel Tower there popped up a challenge… Stand quietly (or even loudly) in a queue for 3 hours and wait for the lift to take us up (actually a sane idea)… or queue 20 minutes for the stairs… OK So stairs it was. Running to the highest point was over 700 steps up and then back down again! So today I challenge you to use your stairs at home and run up and down them as fast as you can and record your time at the bottom, rest as much as you need to, and get water on board but do not pause the stop watch… even if it takes you all weekend. Write your times below and good luck! Helpful Tip – The average set of stairs has 13 steps in it so running up and down 53 times will get you there… Also see the photos to the left/right of me running up there with the Body Works Academy T-Shirts! Slightly embarrassing stopping on the stairs, and the locals thought we were mad… (think we might have been)… The Challenge is on! Good luck, and make sure you stretch after the 1st 10 sets, never stretch on cold muscles! Sam   P.S Remember to order your T-Shirts, Vests and hoodies to train in soon, at info@bodyworksacademy.com or call me on 07545134259