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Our 30 day
Clean Eating

Are you up for the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge?

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How To Turn Yourself In to a Clean Eating,
Fat Burning Machine in just 30 days

Whether you’re trying to shed un-wanted fat, or trying to stack on muscle, eating clean will give your body the right tools to do the job.

What you'll learn on the course
  • How to lose fat and build a system to help keep it off long term, so you look good & feel amazing going forwards.

  • How to maintain a healthy weight, so you avoid the risk of health-related diseases.

  • How to supercharge your energy levels, so you never feel run down or tired.

  • Why whole foods keep you satisfied for longer, so you’re less tempted by eating junk.

  • How a simple morning routine can transform your health within a week.

  • How to identify food triggers that are (subconsciously) keeping you unhealthy and overweight.

  • Why I’m deadly serious about avoiding sugar (Day 23)

  • How to strike a happy medium with your diet so you stay on track for the long term

  • The shocking truth about white flour (if you learn one thing, learn this)

  • How coffee can reduce the risk of these 2 well known diseases

Need some inspiration?
  • 30 Different meal planning template’s & check lists, so you can track exactly what you eat and get the results you want much much quicker (Day 4/30)

  • How to make healthy snacks, so you don’t graze on junk food when you’re hungry.

  • My top-secret resource, 50 of the best healthy food blogs dedicated to clean eating

  • 34 Healthy breakfasts for busy mornings, so you can start the day with a bang.

  • How to use herbs & spices to power up your food and make them taste amazing.

  • 24 Classic recipes from around Europe to add variety to your clean eating plan.

  • Delicious dishes using different grains

  • How to make your own healthy energy bars that pack a punch and provide you with a steady stream of energy during the day. (34 simple recipes that you can make at home)

  • The truth about fats, the good, the bad & the in between, so you'll be in a much better position to look after your own health, and the health of your family & friends.

  • Why switching salt has amazing health benefits (almost nobody knows this)

Challenge Accepted?

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Learn more about our clean eating email series that's going to give you a new bite size challenge each day to help you along your way to becoming a clean eating fat burning machine.

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