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Record Your Measurements

Print tables out below

Warm Up

Complete a 5-10 minute Warm up & Stretch

Complete the Fitness Test

Record your results during the minutes rest between each exercise

Save & Post your results

Share your results each month with Sam
Measurements before you start your journey with us
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Why keep a training log?
We believe it's important to be accountable for your own training. We build programs for all levels of ability and offer nutritional back up and a 30 kick start plan to help you become a cleaner eater. 

However, to make further improvements, if you've kept a training log then we can look at your peaks and troughs in attendance and correlate them to the amount of training you'd done the previous month. It's super easy to do, just print this out above and keep track.  

Once we've done the measurements then scroll down for the fitness test.
Benchmark - Fitness Test
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You up for it?
So the Fitness test we run i s a 20 minute test to see how well you can manage each exercise, and how many "good form" exercises you can do.

Below we have a video that will run you through the fitness test and you can do it along side us. 

The format of the fitness test is that you do a 5 minute warm up and stretch out, then prepare your self for the test.  

The workout will be 10 exercises (see above) split up by 10 x 1 minute breaks. Keep the video running, and record how many of each you can do.

Burpees - Masterclass

Okay so we see so many people doing burpees every month, that I wanted to share with a way in which you can improve your strength whilst doing them but also reduce your level of risk from injuries. This way will help support your back so watch the video below and hopefully can pick up a couple techinique tips (even if you're a seasoned pro). Click play below to see our video...

Fitness Test - Bench Mark

The moment is here... Remember to warm up and stretch out before you take part in the fitness test. Let me know once you've completed the session! Click the button below to get the fitness test underway...

Well done! 

Send me your results and

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Our Services
Group Exercise - Eton Wick

With our 10 day trial you'll have more than enough time to test our sessions out and see if it's a great fit for you and your routines. You'll even become part of the family, so book in today for a ten day trial and put us through our paces.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Learn more about our clean eating email series that's going to give you a new bite size challenge each day to help you along your way to becoming a clean eating fat burning machine.

Home Workouts - 90 Day Camp

Discover what makes our online classes so popular, and how you can transform your fitness in our 3 month program. Designed for those with a small amount of time each day to workout.