Goal Setting

1.1 – Goal Setting To set and reach a goal, you need three key things: 1 – Where are you currently? – What you need is a bench mark of where you currently are. Without this you can’t realistically track your performance or realistically set new goals. This is why we run a fitness test at the beginning of each month and track your performance monthly. 2 – Mind set – Having a focused mind on your goals, will be that extra motivation when your body feels tired, to push through the hard times and persist until you reach your goals – With the focus on your goal you will be more committed to it and train more often pushing harder each time, and we recommend training at least three times a week as a good benchmark for success. 3 – The knowledge of how to get to where you want to go – That’s what we’re here for, we have the know-how and designed programmes to help you reach your goals. We can guide you in your training and sculpt the sessions to meet your goals whilst giving you accurate information about nutrition and how you can structure your eating habits daily. Winner What’s next? When you have the above three points ready to go then we can start to look at what your goals might be. We can invite you in for a discussion and help you set your goals, but what we offer is a realistic time frame depending on your training habits, diet and mind set. Up to 3 Months to feel the benefits, 3-6 months to see the difference and 6+ to maintain it. Most of you will be looking to burn off excess fat and tone up, and the majority of you call this “Weight Loss”. For the start yes you will lose weight, but what you are looking for is Fat Loss. It might sound like we’re splitting hairs here, but there is quite a difference. Training burns off fat, which obviously weighs a certain amount making you lose weight. Once you start training you burn off the excess fat and start to build muscle (not like a body builder, but you will get stronger) Here’s why not to concentrate on the weight: 1 – A pound of fat takes up more space than a lb of muscle. As you can see in the picture here, the men both weigh the same, are the same height % have the same BMI but their bodies are made up of different fat or muscle concentrations. This is why we at Body Works Academy advise against focusing soley on weight loss. Does it really matter what you weigh if you look and feel great?! Remember, it is good to have a goal of becoming fitter, healthier and stronger, but if you need any more information then please see one of the BootCamp team. bmi-comparison 1.2 – The Performance Equation; for goal setting

Performance (equals) = Potential (minus) – Psychology

Performance = Achieving your goals – the end result. Potential = having the knowledge and the skills/ability to get the result’s. With this we can achieve our goals – i.e Taking part in the TVAC BootCamp sessions, we provide you with the training and nutritional support to get on track, the only thing stopping you now is your psychology (see Below). Psychology = the barriers we have that stop us reaching our goals such as;
  • Confidence levels
  • Motivation
  • The inability to handle stress
  • Bad attitude in general
All 4 of these can stand in the way of us achieving our goals, so turn these negatives into positives and maximise your potential to reach your goals. With a negative psychology it will bring down your ability to maximise your potential causing you to miss your goal… So turning your negative psychology into a positive will help you maximise your potential and reach your goals, as you will feel more motivated and confident to come to the sessions, work harder during the sessions and be proud of the fact that however slow you might be progressing, you are still progressing. 1.3 – Fitness Benefits If you eat healthily, exercise often, drink plenty (of water) you will:
  • Become fitter, healthier and stronger
  • Have More Energy & a higher metabolism
  • Loose FAT and have more Lean Muscle
  • Reduce risk of illness & Feel better about yourself and higher confidence levels, which all (looking at the equation in Section 2.2) increase your psychological state of mine, helping to maximise your potential, in turn giving you far greater results.
FatvsWeight loss 1.4 – Fitness Time Frames (Feel, See, Maintain): As mentioned before this is the average timeline when you are eating healthily, and exercising frequently (3+ times a week):
  • Under 3 months – Start to FEEL better/stronger and have more energy
  • Up to 6 Months – Start to SEE the difference on your body
  • 6 to 12+ Months – Start to MAINTAIN your results – Once you have the results you wanted, why stop now, why give up your great results?!
  (Credit to C.Gibson for performance equation)