The Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor


What I think about the Wahoo Blue HRM

I was given this AMAZING piece of kit – I now use it every day and would recommend it to all my clients! Read below to see why I love it so much…
I got the Wahoo HRM over a year ago now, as I was beginning to push my training to the next level, and wanted to track my heart rate whilst I worked out – to make sure I wasn’t pgallery_bluehr_trackushing myself too hard!
I am running three circuits every day and working out inbetween with 5k evening runs and a mid day circuit each day. I have also joined the Reading Renegades American Football team, and still use the HR Moniter at every session so I can see how hard my body is working out…One of my clients who works for Wahoo, gave me their latest HRM (Wahoo Blue HRM – pictured above) to try out as he knew I was looking for one to use for my training, in return for my feedback…As I mentioned, I have been using this for well over a year now and this is my second review… This is a fantastic bit of kit, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep an eye on their heart rate whilst training.This comes with its own free app and is so simple to use – all you have to do is wrap it round your chest and turn the bluetooth on your iPhone (4S and newer) and your done – it syncs with your smart phone and your away. You can customise it’s settings for different workouts and tell it what exercise you’re doing (running, circuits, cycling) and it will show you your heart rate, calories burned and time exercised. If you want to get even more technical (this is what I love) it actually shows you how long you were working at your maximum, middle and lower range of HR, which is really interesting to see how much of your session was Aerobic/Anaerobic, and how hard you were actually working.

Awesome apps this works with…

Zombies, Run!
Below is a brief list of apps that can be synced with to maximise your training.
> Map my run > 321 Run > Endomondo Sports Tracker > Race my ghost > And over 52 purpose built fitness apps (http://www.wahoofitness.com/Apps/Apps/Blue-HR-133-CL.aspx)The best app I have used it with is… “Zombies, Run!” – This is a running app with a difference – You start your run as you normally would: HRM strapped on, apps loaded, route planned and off you go… This app transforms you to a Zombie Apocalypse where you can hear zombies behind you (luckily only in your headphones), the further you run the further away you get from the zombies… with a few suprises in there too… Every corner you turn bring on another hurd of zombies or challenges like “run 100m further and we can rest safely for a minute” etc. The audio on your headphones is of zombies mixed with a narrative telling a story and prompting you to run just that little further to the imaginary shelter where you can rest or press on. What a great invention…


This is a fantastic piece of kit, easy to use, very comfortable, and awesome fun when linked with different apps… This truly is the future of fitness testing. I would recommend this to everyone who likes to keep fit! FANTASTIC.